Bill to : AAA Logistics
14541 Colonial Dr, Westminster, CA 92683
Phone: (714)900-2787
Fax: (866)519-9497
**Load Confirmation # 6278
Date :
AAA Logistics Oanh Ta
MC#694872 DOT: MC# DOT:
Victor or Sam Driver: Oanh ta
Email : Tractor: 01 Trailer: 4901
Phone: (714)900-2787 Driver Phone: (909) 538-7175
Fax: (866)519-9497 Dispatch Phone:
Product & Equipment
Trailer Type: Van
Temperature Control:
Note: Daily check call required by 8am PST and 6pm PST, including day of pickup, plus loaded, arrival, and empty call, failure to update each check call will result in $25 fine per missed check call. Any delays in transit must be communicated immediately to the AAA Logistics Dispatch Team 714-900-2787. Un-communicated late pickups and/or deliveries are subject to a $250 + fine.
Pick Up Information
Drop Off Information
Please sign and fax it back to 866-519-9497 or email to


Carrier Representative/Title: _______________________________ / ______________________________



Operation Agreement
All accessorials or additional charges must be authorized and approved by AAA Logistics Dispatch Team. Call 714-900-2787 to get authorized. Any charges without prior-approved will not be remitted. Receipts are required for all charges.
Re-brokering or trip-leasing without written approval will void, and will result in financial penalties to carriers.
Carriers are prohibited from transporting other cargo on the same trailer with AAA Logistics load unless agreed. Failure will result in penalties.
If there is a seal, trailer must be sealed before leaving the shipper. Seal must be intact upon delivery. The receiver and driver must observe the seal being removed. If seal is broken prior delivery and the receiver rejected the product, the carrier shall 100% liable for all damages and expenses.
By signing above carriers agree all requirements. This load confirmation is subject to the terms of the "Contract Carrier-Broker" contract.
Submit freight bill to:
AAA Logistics Billing
14541 Colonial Dr,
Westminster, CA 92683
To insure prompt payment, please include AAA Logistics Load Confirmation Number on all BOLs, Invoices, and receipts, etc ...
Please contact us for any additional need or questions. Dispatch team: Victorthang or Samtran (714)900-2787, or